” Corcoran’s Lilas is the latest of the Corcorans pubs, most of which are located in tourist zones in Paris.

Bigger than the other pubs, Corcoran’s Lilas is between the Etoile cinema complex and the Cirque Electrique. Situated on the outskirts of the Grand Paris, above the périphérique, it has a large leafy terrace which is popular in both winter and summer. With its dark wood floors, and ceilings covered in rugby and football jerseys and flags, all sporting events are shown on the plasma screens and the 2 giant screens. At the weekends Corcorans Lilas has a club atmosphere hosting regular concerts and other lifestyle events such as pop up shops and themed workshops.

The bar serves award winning Irish craft beers and spirits and the kitchen serves up traditional burgers, Irish stew, fish & chips, Guinness beef and tasty cheesecake.

At Corcorans Lilas you will find the hospitality of an Irish pub with a wide range of entertainment to suit all tastes.

Charlotte Lafon